Remains 2014 - 2016

Local Trees 2010 - 2013

Rainbow Waters 2012

When I was a child I was fascinated with Crayola Crayons. The endless colors, the smell of the wax and the coordinated paper sleeves. I played with them as other children play with dolls. My grandfather taught me to color using circular strokes, patiently filling in between the black lines of the coloring books. I don't know for sure but perhaps this was the start of my love for color and texture.


It was years later I took a photography class. I believed it would help me to visualize my design studies. I had no idea that cameraless images existed and that they would captivate me to start a career in photography. I began using the human figure in my images, placing the model directly onto the photographic paper. I was thrilled with the shapes and form that appeared. For texture I added cloth to the exposure.


My work is constantly changing, but these roots of color, texture and form have always been  important elements in the communication of the theme.

copyright: andrea schwartz massalski 2016